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Goodbye UCSB, Hello CU Boulder!

10 July 2023

It is with absolute exuberance that I announce that after an academically miserable (but socially enjoyable) year at UC Santa Barbara, I am transferring my PhD to CU Boulder! There, I am confident I will finally be able to pursue the research that I am truly passionate about.

UCSB was rough for many reasons, not the least of which was because there was no one there to discuss on a deep level complexity theoretic topics. Despite being a renowned quantum computing hub, it surprised me how little theoretical quantum computing actually goes on there (besides, say, topological quantum computing, which at least right now doesn't really interest me). Anyway, I'm excited to be at Boulder, where I know there are many people whose interests align with mine. Of course, the nearby mountains and crags are also an undeniable plus!

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