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Me lecturing at UCR, Dec. 2019.

Matthew Fox

Perimeter Institute
PSI Master's Student ('22)

Pronouns: he/him

E: mfox2-AT-pitp-DOT-ca
O: Probably in the Time Room

Hello. I'm a graduate student at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. I research the awesome intersection of quantum computing, quantum gravity, and quantum foundations. Details here. I think Everett and Borges were right, at least in this branch. On the side I think about superintelligence, metaphysics, cybersecurity, and some things in analytic number theory. I also climb rocks. Find me at the local crag Ondra-screaming as I hangdog the heck out of some 5.12 (or maybe 5.9). More about me here.

(I'm debating starting Something Like a Blog, to be something like a blog. Time will tell. The tab is there, but access is presently restricted. Until it's public, maybe you can capture the flag on this site?)